March Meeting!

We will be meeting at the Montgomery County Republican Party Headquarters: 

Montgomery County Republican Party
1817A Madison Street, Suite 1

(There is additional parking in back.)

We will start as usual at 9:45 am, with the business meeting to start at 10:00Breakfast will not be served but there will be a coffee bar and donuts.

If you plan to attend please RSVP to Cathy Kolb  by noon on Thursday prior to the meeting so we know how many chairs we need.  You can reach her at (931) 801-6954 or email at  (Text is best, just be sure to tell her who you are in case she doesn’t recognize the number)

Our Speakers This Month


“Every Voice Matters, Every Vote Counts”

The Tennessee State Legislature is getting into crunch time as the session winds down.  Bills are working their way through committees, many being modified, pushed forward, or dropped.  Our very own Deb Chancellor will be helping us as we work through the proposed legislation and put together a panel discussion on the various bills being presented that are working their way towards a likely vote. 

Bring paper to take notes on the legislation you wish to contact your representatives about, or better yet, bring some post cards to write to them and drop in the mail.  Email works well too!  The key idea is to contact your representatives to let them know your wishes.  Remember, they work for us, not the other way around.

As individuals we can support or choose not to support legislation, but it is up to us to let our elected representatives know where we stand.  Many of these representatives have told us in the past that they get very little input on how their constituents wish for them to vote on legislation.  It can take as little as five people stating their case to sway the vote! 

Remember, as a club we cannot endorse candidates or legislation of any kind.  We can only do so as individuals. 

This promises to be a lively, informative discussion, and a bit of a change from what we’ve done in the past!  Hope to see you all there!


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