It’s time for Our May Meeting!

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, May 19 at the Looking Glass Restaurant at 329 Warfield Blvd. Dutch treat breakfast will be at 9:30 am, with the business meeting to start at 10:00If you plan to eat breakfast you must RSVP to Karel Lea Biggs via email ( or text (931-217-4018) by noon on Wednesday prior to the meeting. (Text is best)

We have two speakers this month!

John M. Clement, Field Representative for Rep. Marsha Blackburn

John Clement is a retired Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot who served 21 years in the US Army with multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. John was a member of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) from 2003-2017. During this time he served as a Maintenance Test Pilot in the 159th Aviation Brigade, 4th Battalion, Bravo Company Kingsmen, Blackhawk Helicopter Company. He also Commanded HHB I&S Company in the Division HQ.

After retiring from the Army, John worked directly with Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett, Jeff Truitt and Workforce Essentials to Bridge the Gap for transitioning service members, helping them to gain licenses and certifications in order to find meaningful employment. During the 2 years as the Fort Campbell Soldier Transition Program Manager, John assisted 193 Soldiers and spouses to gain employment in Middle Tennessee at an average of $23.84 per hour.

Since then, John has been blessed to become the Field Representative for Congressman Marsha Blackburn representing the 7th Congressional district of Tennessee. He is honored to be a part of TEAM BLACKBURN as the Congressman now runs for US Senate.

His awards include the Legion of Merit, The Meritorious Service Medal, The Air Medal (7 awards), Afghanistan Campaign Medal (2 Campaign stars), Iraq Campaign Medal (4 Campaign stars), Senior Army Aviation Badge and numerous other awards.

John and his wife Mary and their two daughters, Zoe and Maggie are proud to call Montgomery County home and are forever grateful to the people of Tennessee for giving them a chance to serve.

Stan Settles, Candidate for SEC

Stan Settles is twenty years old and running for the State Executive Committee in Senate District 22 because he truly believes that he will help grow our Republican Party stronger and work to preserve it for years to come. For Stan, the Republican Party has always been a symbol for prosperity, safety, and freedom – in short The American Dream. Stan believes that it is worth protecting and would like to do his part to ensure that our party upholds our foundation and values for years to come.

Stan will work to do a better job of connecting with our youth early on, so that when they return to the ballot box, they return as Republicans for the rest of their lives.

Stan has worked very hard over the years championing the Republican Party and ensuring conservative leadership not only within District 22 but across the state of Tennessee. He has been a dedicated Republican and can remember carrying a GOP decal on his go-kart as he spent much of his childhood racing on dirt tracks throughout the Southeast.

The Tennessee GOP has been built on years of hard work, dedication, and passion for our beliefs. Today, our party serves as a model for the rest of the Nation. Tennessee has become one of the greatest Republican strongholds in the country and to maintain that, we must be willing to defend it. As a party, we must keep getting better, we must keep getting stronger, and we must keep building up our future leaders.

Stan is ready and willing to step up as a member of a younger generation to do his part for all of us.