January Meeting – Focus on Fitness!

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, January 19 at the Looking Glass Restaurant at 329 Warfield Blvd. Dutch treat breakfast will be at 9:30 am, with the business meeting to start at 10:00.

If you plan to eat breakfast you must RSVP to Karel Lea Biggs via email (karelleabiggs@charter.net) or text (931-217-4018) by noon on Wednesday prior to the meeting. (Text is best)

Our Speaker for January: Owner of Always Strong Fitness,  Reagan Prather

This month we’re focusing on Women’s Health and Wellness, as well as featuring a business owned and operated by a Republican Woman!  It’s January, and many of us may have made some New Year’s Resolutions about getting healthier, and fit, no matter what your age.  Our speaker, Reagan, will be able to help you with those goals!  She sent us the following message”


Hello!  My name is Reagan Prather.  I will be 42 years old this year and life with my husband of almost 20 years and my two crazy kids is pretty awesome!


If you’re a long time Republican and or math whiz you might already be wondering about my name…  Well, I was conceived in the 76 campaign! 😉  Lifetime Republicans, my parents campaigned hard for Ronnie!


I currently own and run Always Strong Fitness/CrossFit Clarksville here in Clarksville!  My passion is for helping normal people live independent, fulfilling lives as long as possible.  I believe that everyone should strive to improve and maintain their functionality well into their golden years!  I love working with people of all ages, but I really get excited about our seniors and our youth!  Although very different populations they are, for a multitude of reasons, two underserved populations in the world of physical fitness.


I want to change that!  We all NEED to be capable, and with increased physical capability comes improved confidence, and mental health!  Who doesn’t want to look AND feel better!