RRRW November Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Saturday, November 21 at the Wonderland Restaurant at 329 Warfield Blvd. Dutch treat breakfast will be at 9:45 am, with the business meeting to start at 10:00.

If you plan to eat breakfast you must RSVP to Cathy Kolb  by noon on TUESDAY prior to the meeting.  You can reach her at (931) 801-6954 or email at cathykolb@reagan.com  (Text is best, just be sure to tell her who you are in case she doesn’t recognize the number)

A few things to know:

  • The Wonderland Café is at the same physical location as The Looking Glass but under new management and ownership. They haven’t put up a new sign yet, so you’ll still see “Looking Glass” on the front.
  • We’ve had a slight change to the time – it’s now 9:45.
  • You need to RSVP by TUESDAY if you want coffee/tea, fruit and pastries for $5.  There will be a table set up in the room where you can pay for this instead of having to go to the cash register.
  • If you don’t want the above, you can order off the menu when you get there.

Our speaker will be local author Julie Lomax!

Julie Lomax was born in Monterey, California in 1962. As an Army brat she moved several times throughout the years. As a child, Julie’s parents took turns making up bedtime stories and songs. Many of the stories she writes about are extensions of her parent’s wild and made up stories, travels and misadventures. Julie admits she has always enjoyed reading, anything from classics to comic books. Her favorites were mysteries and romances.  

As a young woman, Julie was known for her wit, sarcasm and storytelling. She began to embellish the characters and plots and always had a broad range of stories to tell across the age spectrum. Those years, Julie wrote as a hobby and presented many stories to friends and families as reading gifts. She has been told she has a great “witch” sound, which was always the requested narrator’s voice.

As an educator, Julie taught obstetrical, gynecology and neonatal classes for registered nurses. In a deployed environment she served as a nurse during mass casualty operations. She worked as a health care administrator for a regional hospital, operated several services as an advance nurse practitioner in midwifery and consultant for Women’s Health. She has additional years of experience as a Chief Nurse Officer for inpatient hospitals and outlying clinics. She has written several educational and training programs, in-services, grants, pamphlets and has been a co-editor and reviewer on several research proposals and papers for Nursing. She currently serves as chairman for Lomax Educational Group. Check out her website http://www.JuJu.agency regarding inquiries. Her recent Ju Ju short story series focus on the development of safety, self and service for young minds. The first publication “Melissa Moo Moo’s Special Lesson”, Archway Publishing and for adults “The Costly Wish”, Austin Macauley Publishing are out on Amazon and Books A Million. Julie will be bringing along copies of her books for a book signing!


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